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Ausschreibungen u. Aufträge: DV-System zur Unterstützung der Entscheidungsfindung - UK-Derby
Dokument Nr...................: 150352-2004
Veröffentlicht................: 08.09.2004
  I.1)	Offizieller Name und Anschrift des Auftraggebers: Midland Mainline
  Limited, Att: Neil Lancaster, Midland House, Nelson Street, UK-Derby DE1
  2SA. Tel.: 01332 262875. Fax: 01332 2623009. E-mail:
  II.1.8.1)  Gemeinsames Vokabular für öffentliche Aufträge (CPV): 30240000.
  Beschreibung: Software.
  IV.3.3)  Schlusstermin für den Eingang der Angebote oder der
  Teilnahmeanträge: 37 Tage nach Versendung der Bekanntmachung.
  IV.3.5)  Sprache oder Sprachen, die für die Angebotslegung oder
  Teilnahmeanträge verwendet werden können: Englisch.
  I.1)	Official name and address of the contracting entity: Midland
  Mainline Limited, Att: Neil Lancaster, Midland House, Nelson Street,
  UK-Derby DE1 2SA. Tel.: 01332 262875. Fax: 01332 2623009. E-mail:
  I.2)	Address from which further information can be obtained: As in I.1.
  I.3)	Address from which documentation may be obtained: As in I.1.
  I.4)	Address to which tenders/requests to participate must be sent: As
  in I.1.
  II.1)  Description
  II.1.2)  Type of supplies contract: A combination of these(purchase,
  rent, lease, hire-purchase).
  II.1.4)  Framework agreement: No.
  II.1.5)  Title attributed to the contract by the contracting entity:
  Supply, install and maintain a Decision Support System for the purpose of
  Rail Passenger Revenue Management within Midland Mainline Ltd.
  II.1.6)  Description/object of the contract: To supply, install and
  maintain a Decision Support System, for the use of Midland Mainline Ltd.
  The system must make use of the enhanced Yield Management capabilities of
  the new National Reservations Service, in combination with advanced
  forecasting and predictive software to enable maximisation of passenger
  revenue and efficient use of train service capacity. The system will draw
  upon historic and future reservation records together with historic
  counts of passengers on train. The system must be hosted and maintained
  by the supplier under agreed service levels to meet all operational needs
  and company requirements.
  II.1.7)  Site or location of works, place of delivery or performance:
  NUTS code: UK311.
  II.1.8)  Nomenclature
  II.1.8.1)  Common Procurement Vocabulary (CPV): 30240000.
  II.1.9)  Division into lots: Yes.
  Tenders may be submitted for: All lots.
  One lot.
  II.1.10)  Will variants be accepted: Yes.
  II.1.11)  Derogation from the use of European specifications: No.
  II.2)  Quantity or scope of the contract
  II.2.1)  Total quantity or scope: The contract may be awarded to one lead
  contractor who will supply all requirements (including the use of
  subcontractors if required) by a consortium or contracts may be awarded
  to several contractors.
  II.3)  Duration of the contract or time period for execution: 36 months
  from the award of the contract.
  III.1)  Conditions relating to the contract
  III.1.1)  Deposits and guarantees required: Details to be contained in
  the invitation to tender documents.
  III.1.2)  Main terms of financing and payment and/or reference to the
  provisions in which these are contained: Details to be contained in the
  invitation to tender documents.
  III.1.3)  Legal form to be taken by the grouping of suppliers,
  contractors or service providers to whom the contract is awarded: Joint
  and several liability.
  III.2)  Conditions for participation
  III.2.1)  Information concerning the personal situation of the
  contractor, supplier or service provider and information and formalities
  necessary for the evaluation of the minimum capacity required: Proven
  experience in the supply of similar services, including:
  a list of all major contracts won in the last three years and their value;
  a demonstration of previous knowledge and experience of working with the
  rail industry;
  a demonstration of previous experience of supplying this type of system
  software and hardware and services to a company of a similar demographic
  a demonstration that the system can interface with other systems;
  a description of measures ensuring quality control including reference to
  any independent certification achieved;
  a brief history of the organisation;
  details of company size, management structure and organization;
  details of indemnity and third party insurance;
  provision of two references (these may be taken up by Midland Mainline
  subcontracting policy is to be provided. Midland Mainline Ltd reserves
  the right to approve subcontractors prior to contract award.
  Clear and documented identification of roles and responsibilities in the
  event of a combined proposal by more than one company.
  Failure to provide any of the aforementioned information may invalidate
  an applicant"s prequalification.
  III.2.1.1)  Legal position - means of proof required: All supply and
  provision of the services shall be provided in accordance with all
  applicable UK.
  Legislation, including be not limited to railway safety case(s) and
  railway group standards published by RSSB.
  III.2.1.2)  Economic and financial capacity - means of proof required: A
  bankers reference and audited accounts for the past 3 financial years.
  III.2.1.3)  Technical capacity - means of proof required: Relevant
  quality and environmental qualifications e.g. ISO 9000 and ISO 14001.
  III.2.1.4)  Other information: Details of any arbitration of litigation
  or disputes arising over the past 5 years, including amounts claimed and
  if applicable, amounts awarded or paid in settlement.
  III.3)  Conditions specific to services contracts
  III.3.1)  Provision of the service is reserved to a specific profession:
  III.3.2)  Legal entities required to state the names and professional
  qualifications of the personnel responsible for execution of the
  contract: No.
  IV.1)  Type of procedure: Negotiated.
  IV.1.2)  Number of firms which will be invited to tender: Minimum: 3 -
  Maximum: 10.
  IV.2)  Award criteria: The most economically advantageous tender in terms
  Criteria as stated below:
  1: price;
  2: quality and performance and conformance with requested standards;
  3: ability to develop partnerships;
  4: after sales service levels;
  5: management arrangement;
  6: timing of implementation;
  7: previous experience in providing decision support systems;
  8: the ability to supply a completely hosted service with full software
  and systems support.
  In descending order of priority: No.
  IV.3)  Administrative information
  IV.3.3)  Deadline for receipt of tenders or participation requests: 37
  days from dispatch of notice.
  IV.3.4)  Dispatch of invitations to tender to selected candidates:
  Scheduled date: 22.10.2004.
  IV.3.5)  Language or languages in which tenders or requests to
  participate can be drawn up: English.
  VI.3)  The contract relates to a project/programme financed by EU funds:
  VI.4)  Additional information: Following response to this notice and the
  qualification criteria, which are outlined, and invitation to tender
  document will be issued notwithstanding the existence of the Link Up
  Supply Chain Services Limited"s railway industry supplier qualification
  scheme, tenderers will be selected on the basis of responses to this
  notice. Any applicant whose request to participate does not comply with
  all the requirements set out in this notice may be excluded from the
  competition. The date of the dispatch of the ITT is currently our best
  estimate but could be subject to change.
  VI.5)  Date of dispatch of this notice: 1.9.2004.
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