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  Newsletter Brazil
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Public Notice
Request for Tenders, "Newsletter Brazil"
1. Awarding authority: Germany Trade and Invest
Gesellschaft für Außenwirtschaft und
Standortmarketing mbH
Villemombler Straße 76
53123 Bonn
2. Type of award: Public request for tenders in accordance with  3 VOL/A
3. Type of bid submission: Sealed, marked, signed, by surface mail
4. Type and scope of performance: The subject of the tender process is a contract for the delivery of texts for a monthly
newsletter for the initiative Health Made in Germany to inform German pharmaceutical companies about important legislative
projects in the Brazilian pharmaceutical sector.
5. Award in lots: no
6. Alternative tenders accepted: no
7. Deadline for performance: one year, max. four years
8. Tender documents: The tender documents may be requested by e-mail using the following contact information:
9. Expiry of tender period: 28 April 2017, 14:00 Clock
10. Binding period: 15 May 2017
11. Award criteria: Quality of work samples (70%) and price (30%)
The bids will be evaluated in accordance with the evaluation matrix included with the tender documents, taking into account the
specified award criteria.
12. Payment terms: In accordance with tender documents (Supplementary Contract Terms & Conditions)
13. Documents to be submitted: Price sheet and Tender letter, Reference list, work samples and declarations
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14. Proofs of suitability:
a. Company references for comparable projects,
b. Declaration in accordance with  6 VOL/A,
c. Declaration on compliance with Directive PR No. 30/53,
d. Declaration in accordance with  19 Para. 3 MiLoG
e. (If applicable) Declaration regarding a bidding consortium;
f. (If applicable) Certificate of prequalification
15. Other information:
For public contracts for amounts of 30,000 EUR or more, the awarding authority must obtain an extract from the Central
Commercial Registry
for the best bidder in accordance with	150a GewO [Trade Regulation Act] prior to awarding a contract
(see  19 Para. 4 MiLoG [Minimum Wage Law]).
16. Tender Review Board: Vergabekammer des Bundes
Villemomblerstraße 76
53123 Bonn, Germany
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