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Ausschreibungen u. Aufträge: Bauarbeiten für Klär-, Reinigungs- und Müllverbrennungsanlagen - IRL-Castlebar
Bauarbeiten für Klär-, Reinigungs- und Müllverbrennungsanlagen.
Modernisierung von Anlagen.
Dokument Nr...................: 150725-2004
Veröffentlicht................: 09.09.2004
  I.1)	Offizieller Name und Anschrift des öffentlichen Auftraggebers: Mayo
  County Council, Att: Pat Commons, Senior Executive Officer, Capital Works
  Section, Aras An Chontae, IRL-Castlebar. Tel.: 094 9024444. Fax: 094
  9023937. E-mail: pcommons@mayococo.ie. URL: www.mayococo.ie.
  II.1.8.1)  Gemeinsames Vokabular für öffentliche Aufträge (CPV):
  45252000, 45252127, 45252140, 45232431, 45259900.
  Beschreibung: Bauarbeiten für Klär-, Reinigungs- und
  Modernisierung von Anlagen.
  IV.3.3)  Schlusstermin für den Eingang der Angebote oder
  Teilnahmeanträge: 29.10.2004. Uhrzeit: 16:00.
  IV.3.5)  Sprache oder Sprachen, die für die Angebotslegung oder
  Teilnahmeanträge verwendet werden können: Englisch.
  This contract is covered by the Government Procurement Agreement (GPA):
  I.1)	Official name and address of the contracting authority: Mayo County
  Council, Att: Pat Commons, Senior Executive Officer, Capital Works
  Section, Aras An Chontae, IRL-Castlebar. Tel.: 094 9024444. Fax: 094
  9023937. E-mail: pcommons@mayococo.ie. URL: www.mayococo.ie.
  I.2)	Address from which further information can be obtained: Ryan Hanley
  Consulting Engineers, Att: Anita Layden, The Villa, The Crescent,
  IRL-Galway. Tel.: 091 565211. Fax: 091 587110. E-mail: rhc@ryanhanley.ie.
  URL: www.ryanhanley.ie.
  I.3)	Address from which documentation may be obtained: Ryan Hanley
  Consulting Engineers, Att: Anita Layden, The Villa, The Crescent,
  IRL-Galway. Tel.: 091 587116. Fax: 091 587110. E-mail: rhc@ryanhanley.ie.
  URL: www.ryanhanley.ie.
  I.4)	Address to which tenders/requests to participate must be sent: Mayo
  County Council, Att: John Condon, County Secretary, Aras An Chontae,
  IRL-Castlebar, Co Mayo. Tel.: 094 9024444. Fax: 094 9023937. E-mail:
  jcondon@mayococo.ie. URL: www.mayococo.ie.
  I.5)	Type of contracting authority: Regional/local level.
  II.1)  Description
  II.1.1)  Type of works contract: Execution.
  II.1.4)  Framework agreement: No.
  II.1.5)  Title attributed to the contract by the contracting authority:
  Ballina Main Drainage Scheme - Stage 2 - contr.no. 4 - mechanical &
  electrical works contract.
  II.1.6)  Description/object of the contract: The contract provides for
  the design, supply, installation, commissioning and maintenance of
  mechanical and electrical equipment for the following works, civil works
  completed under a separate contract:
  * 4 No. drywell/wet well Wastewater Pumping Stations, one with a Control
  Building, three with Kiosks, complete with telemetry linkup with
  Wastewater Treatment Works.
  * Refurbishment of existing pumping stations.
  * Upgrade of existing wastewater treatment works including:
  * New Primary Settlement Tank and ancillary sludge pumping station
  * Ferric Dosing Facilities
  * Refurbishment of existing sludge pumping facilities
  * New Sludge Dewatering Facilities
  * New Supernatant Pumping Station
  * Replace existing surface aerators with diffused air system
  * Upgrading and/or refurbishment of the existing inlet works, aeration
  tanks, settlement tanks, flow split chambers
  * Updating and extending electrical and telemetry facilities
  * Improved Safety Equipment including handrailing, toeboards and decking.
  II.1.7)  Site or location of works, place of delivery or performance:
  Ballina town and environs, County Mayo, Ireland.
  NUTS code for Mayo is IE0132
  NUTS code: IE008.
  II.1.8)  Nomenclature
  II.1.8.1)  Common Procurement Vocabulary (CPV): 45252000, 45252127,
  45252140, 45232431, 45259900.
  II.1.9)  Division into lots: No.
  II.1.10)  Will variants be accepted: Yes.
  II.2)  Quantity or scope of the contract
  II.2.1)  Total quantity or scope: As outlined in Section II.1.6.
  II.3)  Duration of the contract or time limit for completion: 26 months
  from the award of the contract.
  III.1)  Conditions relating to the contract
  III.1.1)  Deposits and guarantees required: A performance bond will be
  required in accordance with tender documents.
  III.1.2)  Main terms of financing and payment and/or reference to the
  relevant provisions: Payments will be made by instalments in accordance
  with tender documents.
  III.1.3)  Legal form to be taken by the grouping of suppliers,
  contractors or service providers to whom the contract is awarded: Prior
  to the award, any grouping of contractors should form a single legal
  entity with joint and several liability.
  III.2)  Conditions for participation
  III.2.1)  Information concerning the personal situation of the
  contractor, supplier or service provider and information and formalities
  necessary for the evaluation of the minimum economic, financial and
  technical capacity required: Please note conditions for participation are
  as set out in instructions to tenderers as included in tender documents.
  IV.1)  Type of procedure: Open.
  IV.1.1)  Candidates already selected: No.
  IV.2)  Award criteria: The most economically advantageous tender in terms
  Criteria as stated in contract documents.
  IV.3)  Administrative information
  IV.3.2)  Conditions for obtaining contract document and additional
  documents: Obtainable until: 20.10.2004.
  Price: 500 EUR.
  Terms and method of payment: A deposit of 500 EUR payable by cheque to
  Ryan Hanley, Consulting Engineers, must accompany written requests for
  documents. This deposit will be refunded on submission of a bona fide
  tender not subsequently withdrawn and the return of tender documents.
  IV.3.3)  Time-limit for receipt of tenders or requests to participate:
  29.10.2004. Time: 16:00.
  IV.3.5)  Language or languages in which tenders or requests to
  participate can be drawn up: English.
  IV.3.7)  Conditions for opening tenders
  IV.3.7.1)  Persons authorised to be present at the opening of tenders:
  County Secretary, Chairperson and Tenders Committee of Mayo County
  VI.1)  Non-mandatory notice: No.
  VI.3)  The contract relates to a project/programme financed by EU funds:
  VI.4)  Additional information: The acceptance of any tender will be
  subject to the proper completion and submission of tender documents as
  set out in the Instructions to tenders. It will be a condition of the
  award of the contract that the tenderer will be required to produce Tax
  Clearance Certification and evidence of membership of a Pension and Sick
  Pay Scheme, all in accordance with the instructions to tenderers.
  Tenders shall be priced in Euros.
  Mayo County Council is subject to the provisions of the Freedom of
  Information (FOI) Act, 1997. If a Tenderer considers that any of the
  information supplied in a Tender is either commercially sensitive or
  confidential in nature, this should be highlighted and the reasons for
  its sensitivity specified. In such cases the relevant materials, will, in
  response to FOI requests be examined in the light of the exemptions
  provided for in the Act.
  The lowest or any tender need not necessarily be accepted and the
  acceptance of any Tender will be subject to the sanction of the Minister
  for the Environment, Heritage and Local Government.
  (ET Ref:4504).
  VI.5)  Date of dispatch of this notice: 7.9.2004.
             Database Operation & Alert Service (icc-hofmann) for:
       The Office for Official Publications of the European Communities
                The Federal Office of Foreign Trade Information
   Phone: +49 6082-910101, Fax: +49 6082-910200, URL: http://www.icc-hofmann.de
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