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Ausschreibungen u. Aufträge: Messgeräte und Steuer- und Überwachungsanlagen - IRL-Dublin
Messgeräte und Steuer- und Überwachungsanlagen.
Dokument Nr...................: 147416-2004
Veröffentlicht................: 02.09.2004
  I.1)	Offizieller Name und Anschrift des Auftraggebers: ESB, Power
  Generation, Att: Purchasing Manager, 27 Lower Fitzwilliam Street,
  IRL-Dublin 2. Tel.: +353-1-676 5831. Fax: +353-1-702 6338. E-mail:
  powergeneration.procurement@esb.ie. URL: www.esb.ie.
  II.1.8.1)  Gemeinsames Vokabular für öffentliche Aufträge (CPV):
  31682210, 31681200.
  Beschreibung: Messgeräte und Steuer- und Überwachungsanlagen.
  IV.3.3)  Schlusstermin für den Eingang der Angebote oder der
  Teilnahmeanträge: 30.9.2004.
  IV.3.5)  Sprache oder Sprachen, die für die Angebotslegung oder
  Teilnahmeanträge verwendet werden können: Englisch.
  This contract is covered by the Government Procurement Agreement (GPA):
  I.1)	Official name and address of the contracting entity: ESB, Power
  Generation, Att: Purchasing Manager, 27 Lower Fitzwilliam Street,
  IRL-Dublin 2. Tel.: +353-1-676 5831. Fax: +353-1-702 6338. E-mail:
  powergeneration.procurement@esb.ie. URL: www.esb.ie.
  I.2)	Address from which further information can be obtained: As in I.1.
  I.3)	Address from which documentation may be obtained: As in I.1.
  I.4)	Address to which tenders/requests to participate must be sent: As
  in I.1.
  II.1)  Description
  II.1.2)  Type of supplies contract: Purchase.
  II.1.4)  Framework agreement: No.
  II.1.5)  Title attributed to the contract by the contracting entity:
  Moneypoint Coal Handling C&I and Electrical Boiler Feed Pumps Electronic
  speed controls system retrofit.
  II.1.6)  Description/object of the contract: The works includes the
  design, manufacture, works inspection and test, delivery, installation,
  supervision and commissioning of replacement systems for the existing
  coal handling control system, including the 2 × Stacker Reclaimers, (1
  500 tonnes/hour)/dual, route coal conveyor system, (2 000 tonnes/hour
  reclaim and 4 000 tonnes/hour stack out)/Fire Fighting control system and
  the Human Machine Interface for the coalyard control room. It also
  requires the design, supply, install and commission a new unit electronic
  speed (slip energy recovery) control system for 3 × Electrical Boiler
  Feed pumps (3 × 50 %) on each of our 3 units. There are three 305 MWe
  units in the Moneypoint Generating Station. The boilers are drum type
  boilers with coal firing and a single reheat stage. World traded coals
  are the primary fuels, but each boiler has 100 % HFO firing capability
  for strategic flexibility. Coal is delivered to the station via Ship and
  is handled by 2 x PWH Ship Unloaders delivering to the stockpiles through
  belt conveyors and 2 × PWH Stacker Reclaimers. The Stacker Reclaimers
  recover from the stockpile and supply the coal bunkers feeding the
  milling system for fuelling the boilers. Each boiler consumes
  approximately 20 tonnes per hour of coal at 100 % boiler load and ash
  content is normally in the range of 7 to 14 %. There are 35 separate belt
  conveyors in the coal handling and delivery system. The boilers are front
  wall fired with 16 Foster Wheeler IFS Low NOx Burners and are fed from
  four foster wheeler tube ball mills The turbines are of Brown Boveri
  manufacture with one single flow HP and IP turbines and two double flow
  LP turbines, There are seven bleed steam feedheaters. There are 3 × 6,6
  KV, 6 MVA, electrical motor driven boiler feed pumps which have a slip
  energy recovery speed control system. The control system consists of a
  speed controller, a current controller, a thyristor firing angle
  controller, a single diode bridge, a single DC link, a single DC circuit
  breaker, a single inductor a single thyristor bridge, a slip energy
  recovery transformer and a circuit breaker, The electronic systems will
  be replaced but the main electrical items are to be retained. It is
  currently planned to carry out this works over the time period from 2006
  to 2009.
  Instrumentation and control equipment.
  Electric pumps.
  II.1.7)  Site or location of works, place of delivery or performance: ESB
  Moneypoint Generating Station is located on the Shannon estuary in the
  South West of Ireland, near Kilrush in County Clare. The Site is located
  on the North Bank of the River Shannon, 5 km East of Kilrush. Access is
  available to the site by road or by sea. The port of Dublin is 265 km
  distant, the port of Cork is 210 km distant and the port of Limerick is
  85 km distant.
  NUTS code: IE005.
  II.1.8)  Nomenclature
  II.1.8.1)  Common Procurement Vocabulary (CPV): 31682210, 31681200.
  II.1.9)  Division into lots: Yes.
  Tenders may be submitted for: Several lots.
  II.1.10)  Will variants be accepted: No.
  II.1.11)  Derogation from the use of European specifications: No.
  II.2)  Quantity or scope of the contract
  II.2.1)  Total quantity or scope: See II.1.6 above.
  II.3)  Duration of the contract or time period for execution: Starting:
  30.6.2006 - Ending: 30.6.2008.
  III.1)  Conditions relating to the contract
  III.1.1)  Deposits and guarantees required: Will be stated in the enquiry
  III.1.2)  Main terms of financing and payment and/or reference to the
  provisions in which these are contained: Will be stated in the enquiry
  III.1.3)  Legal form to be taken by the grouping of suppliers,
  contractors or service providers to whom the contract is awarded: If the
  tender is submitted by a group of suppliers, then those suppliers, if
  awarded the contract, shall assume such legal form by corporation,
  partnership or otherwise as will enable them to contract as a single
  entity, and assume joint and several responsibility for the contract. The
  requirements in Section III.2.1 must be met in full by each of the group
  III.2)  Conditions for participation
  III.2.1)  Information concerning the personal situation of the
  contractor, supplier or service provider and information and formalities
  necessary for the evaluation of the minimum capacity required:
  III.2.1.1)  Legal position - means of proof required: a) Acceptance of
  Irish Law as governing any contract awarded.
  b) Acceptance of the jurisdiction of Irish Courts.
  c) A statement that no record exists against the bidder of successful
  court actions involving fraud or other major breaches of the Companies
  Act in Ireland, or similar law in any other jurisdiction.
  d) A statement that the applicant has fulfilled its obligations relating
  to the payment of taxes and social security contributions in Ireland or
  any other state in which the tenderer is located.
  III.2.1.2)  Economic and financial capacity - means of proof required: a)
  Banker"s reference and audited accounts for the applicant"s proposed
  contracting entity for the past 3 financial years. If audited accounts
  are not available for the most recent financial year, management accounts
  should be submitted instead.
  b) Verifiable confirmation of the applicant"s ability to raise Bonds from
  a Standard and Poor"s, or equivalent, AA rated Surety/Bank.
  III.2.1.3)  Technical capacity - means of proof required: a) Details of
  relevant contracts completed in the past 5 years. These contracts should
  include recent retrofit experience, as well as "greenfield" E/C&I
  installations on coal handling plant and speed control systems of
  comparable size. They must demonstrate an ability to safety complete the
  contracted works in the agreed timeframe. Details to include safety
  record, contract value, duration, client name, contracted scope of work,
  client contact name(s). The applicant"s role in any contract listed
  should be clearly stated. Plant outputs and availability performance
  guarantees for the contracted scope of work should also be provided for
  all contracts list d.
  b) A statement on whether the applicant has ISO 9000/EN 29000
  certification (or equivalent) and if so, the name and address of the
  third party accreditation agency. Applicants who do not hold ISO 9000/EN
  29000 certification should state if they are working towards
  certification and, if so the target date for certification. Applicants
  who do not hold ISO 9000/EN 29000 certification but have a quality system
  of comparable standard should provide sufficient details to enable their
  system to be assessed.
  c) The applicant must demonstrate full turnkey project management
  experience, including design, fabrication, engineering, management of
  safety, civil works, site management and installation experience.
  III.2.1.4)  Other information: a) Details of company size, organisation,
  location, manpower, equipment; numbers of: appropriately trained,
  qualified and experienced personnel; the level of work which would be
  subcontracted or carried out through affiliates or associates; evidence
  of ability to mobilise an adequately skilled workforce and to effectively
  manage that workforce.
  b) A policy statement on health and safety and details of the safety
  management system employed within the applicant"s company.
  c) A policy statement on the protection of the environment and evidence
  of good environmental practices.
  d) Ability to communicate at commercial and technical levels competently
  in the English language.
  e) Ability to meet the following indicative programme: enquiry issued -
  November 2004, tenders received - February 2005, Contract Award - May
  2005, Completion required Q. 2 2006 for first Unit, Q. 2 2007 for second
  unit and Q2 2008 for third unit. f) If invited to tender, applicants may
  be required to sign a standard confidentiality undertaking (Article 4(3)
  of Council Directive 93/38/EEC refers). Applicants are requested to
  confirm their agreement.
  III.3)  Conditions specific to services contracts
  III.3.2)  Legal entities required to state the names and professional
  qualifications of the personnel responsible for execution of the
  contract: No.
  IV.1)  Type of procedure: Negotiated.
  IV.1.1)  Previous publications concerning the same contract
  IV.1.1.1)  Periodic Indicative Notice concerning the same contract:
  Notice number in OJ contents list: 2004/S 12-010103 - Of: 17.1.2004.
  IV.3)  Administrative information
  IV.3.1)  Reference number attributed to the file by the contracting
  entity: PG108T381.
  IV.3.3)  Deadline for receipt of tenders or participation requests:
  IV.3.4)  Dispatch of invitations to tender to selected candidates:
  Scheduled date: 1.11.2004.
  IV.3.5)  Language or languages in which tenders or requests to
  participate can be drawn up: English.
  VI.1)  Non-mandatory notice: No.
  VI.3)  The contract relates to a project/programme financed by EU funds:
  VI.4)  Additional information: IV.2) Award criteria: criteria as stated
  in contract documents.
  a) It is ESB Power Generation"s intention to short-list suitable
  b) ESB Power Generation will not be responsible for costs, charges or
  expenses incurred by candidates whether or not a final contract is
  c) This notice is to serve as the sole call for competition for this
  d) Requests cannot be entertained beyond the date stipulated in Section
  IV 3.3.
  e) In connection with the award of the contract, the tenderer shall be
  request to identify the entity that would be responsible for the receipt
  and processing of orders and the resolution of any and all problems
  relating to this contract.
  f) In responding to this notice, companies must indicate if they propose
  to submit a group bid and, if so, must provide full details of the
  participating companies.
  g) The negotiated procedure will be used, however, the contracting entity
  retains the option to accept initial bids without further negotiations.
  H) The final contract may be divided into lots. Details of these lots
  will be specified in the tender documents and finalised during the
  ensuring tender assessment process. The award of the respective lots will
  be at ESB Power Generation"s sole discretion.
  I) Time for completion = Q. 2 2006 for the first unit Boiler Feed Pumps
  (BFP) Q2 2007 for second units BFP"s and Q2 2008 for the third unit
  BFP"s. The coal handling equipment is common equipment to the 3 units and
  will be implemented over the complete time period.
  VI.5)  Date of dispatch of this notice: 24.8.2004.
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       The Office for Official Publications of the European Communities
                The Federal Office of Foreign Trade Information
   Phone: +49 6082-910101, Fax: +49 6082-910200, URL: http://www.icc-hofmann.de
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