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Ausschreibungen u. Aufträge: Entwurfsberatung - UK-Bovington
Dokument Nr...................: 147351-2004
Veröffentlicht................: 02.09.2004
  I.1)	Offizieller Name und Anschrift des öffentlichen Auftraggebers: The
  Tank Museum, Att: John Woodward, The Tank Museum, UK-Bovington BH20 6JG,
  Dorset. Tel.: +44 (0)1929 405096. E-mail: director@tankmuseum.co.uk.
  II.1.8.1)  Gemeinsames Vokabular für öffentliche Aufträge (CPV):
  74141520, 45212313.
  Beschreibung: Entwurfsberatung.
  IV.3.3)  Schlusstermin für den Eingang der Angebote oder
  Teilnahmeanträge: 8.10.2004. Uhrzeit: 12:00.
  IV.3.5)  Sprache oder Sprachen, die für die Angebotslegung oder
  Teilnahmeanträge verwendet werden können: Englisch.
  This contract is covered by the Government Procurement Agreement (GPA):
  I.1)	Official name and address of the contracting authority: The Tank
  Museum, Att: John Woodward, The Tank Museum, UK-Bovington BH20 6JG,
  Dorset. Tel.: +44 (0)1929 405096. E-mail: director@tankmuseum.co.uk.
  I.2)	Address from which further information can be obtained: Drivers
  Jonas, Att: Daniel White, 6 Grosvenor Street, UK-London W1K 4DJ. Tel.:
  +44 (0) 20 7896 8319. Fax: +44 (0) 20 7896 7902. E-mail:
  danielwhite@driversjonas.com. URL: www.driversjonas.com.
  I.3)	Address from which documentation may be obtained: Drivers Jonas,
  Att: Daniel White, 6 Grosvenor Street, UK-London W1K 4DJ. Tel.: +44 (0)
  20 7896 8319. Fax: +44 (0) 20 7896 7902. E-mail:
  danielwhite@driversjonas.com. URL: www.driversjonas.com.
  I.4)	Address to which tenders/requests to participate must be sent:
  Drivers Jonas, Att: Jonathan Gibson, 6 Grosvenor Street, UK-London W1K
  4DJ. Tel.: +44 (0) 20 7896 8206. Fax: +44 (0) 20 7896 7902. E-mail:
  jonathangibson@driversjonas.com. URL: www.driversjonas.com.
  I.5)	Type of contracting authority: Other.
  II.1)  Description
  II.1.3)  Type of service contractService category: 12.
  II.1.4)  Framework agreement: No.
  II.1.5)  Title attributed to the contract by the contracting authority:
  At Close Quarters - The Redevelopment of The Tank Museum - Exhibition
  II.1.6)  Description/object of the contract: The Tank Museum is seeking
  to appoint an exhibition design consultant to develop existing concept
  designs into scheme and detail designs of the proposed exhibitions which
  are fundamental to the delivery of ¿At Close Quarters", the Tank Museum"s
  development project which will ensure the long term sustainability of the
  museum and provide a new kind of high impact contemporary military
  museum. The services will include the management of exhibition
  fabricators and contractors delivering the exhibition fit-out works.
  II.1.7)  Site or location of works, place of delivery or performance: The
  Tank Museum, UK-Bovington BH20 6JG, Dorset.
  NUTS code: UKK22.
  II.1.8)  Nomenclature
  II.1.8.1)  Common Procurement Vocabulary (CPV): 74141520, 45212313.
  II.1.8.2)  Other relevant nomenclature (CPA/NACE/CPC): 867 architectural,
  engineering and other technical services.
  II.1.9)  Division into lots: No.
  II.1.10)  Will variants be accepted: Yes.
  II.2)  Quantity or scope of the contract
  II.2.1)  Total quantity or scope: Exhibition design services - the budget
  for fabrication and installation of exhibition works is 1 100 000 GBP at
  current prices.
  II.3)  Duration of the contract or time limit for completion: Starting:
  1.1.2005 - Ending: 31.3.2009.
  III.1)  Conditions relating to the contract
  III.1.1)  Deposits and guarantees required: Collateral Warranties may be
  a requirement of funders.
  III.1.2)  Main terms of financing and payment and/or reference to the
  relevant provisions: Will be as detailed within Tender Documentation.
  III.1.3)  Legal form to be taken by the grouping of suppliers,
  contractors or service providers to whom the contract is awarded: Single
  legal entity.
  III.2)  Conditions for participation
  III.2.1)  Information concerning the personal situation of the
  contractor, supplier or service provider and information and formalities
  necessary for the evaluation of the minimum economic, financial and
  technical capacity required: Refer to Pre-Qualification Questionnaire.
  III.2.1.1)  Legal position - means of proof required: Refer to
  Pre-Qualification Questionnaire.
  III.2.1.2)  Economic and financial capacity - means of proof required:
  Refer to Pre-Qualification Questionnaire.
  III.2.1.3)  Technical capacity - means of proof required: Refer to
  Pre-Qualification Questionnaire.
  III.3)  Conditions specific to services contracts
  III.3.1)  Provision of the service is reserved to a specific profession:
  III.3.2)  Legal entities required to state the names and professional
  qualifications of the personnel responsible for execution of the
  contract: Yes.
  IV.1)  Type of procedure: Restricted.
  IV.1.3)  Previous publication concerning the same contract
  IV.1.3.1)  Prior information notice concerning the same contract: Notice
  number in OJ contents list: 2004/S 166-143490 - Of: 26.8.2004.
  IV.1.4)  Envisaged number of suppliers which will be invited to tender:
  Number: 5.
  IV.2)  Award criteria: The most economically advantageous tender in terms
  Criteria as stated below:
  1: relevant experience,
  2: approach to design,
  3: project personnel,
  4: approach to project delivery,
  5: management and support systems.
  In descending order of priority: No.
  IV.3)  Administrative information
  IV.3.3)  Time-limit for receipt of tenders or requests to participate:
  8.10.2004. Time: 12:00.
  IV.3.4)  Dispatch of invitations to tender to selected candidates:
  Estimated date: 25.10.2004.
  IV.3.5)  Language or languages in which tenders or requests to
  participate can be drawn up: English.
  VI.1)  Non-mandatory notice: No.
  VI.3)  The contract relates to a project/programme financed by EU funds:
  VI.4)  Additional information: A Pre-Qualification Questionnaire and
  additional information can be obtained from Drivers Jonas by contacting
  Daniel White on Tel: 020 7896 8319 or e-mail danielwhite@driversjonas.com
  All responses to the Pre-Qualification Questionnaire are to be submitted
  to Jonathan Gibson, Drivers Jonas, 6 Grosvenor Street, UK-London W1K 4DJ
  or e-mail jonathangibson@driversjonas.com on 8.10.2004 (12.00).
  The Tank Museum at Bovington, Dorset occupies a 27 acre greenfield site
  and is the world"s foremost museum of armoured fighting vehicles and the
  story of armoured warfare. It holds the nation"s finest collection of
  tanks,which are of international significance and uniqueness, supported
  by a wealth of smaller object collections and archival material.
  The entire collection has been nationally Designated - one of only nine
  museums in the South West to be designated and one of only three military
  museums in the country awarded this status.
  With a complex large -object collection, the ongoing issues of
  preservation and collections management combined with audience needs over
  the long-term are of a difference order of magnitude than experienced at
  many other museums. The site and it facilities are in need of major
  investment that will deliver on the need to safeguard collections and to
  accommodate the growing expectations and needs of existing museum
  visitors and the further development of new audiences.
  The museum has set-out a new vision and masterplan for the future of The
  Museum at Bovington that sees the development of a new kind of
  high-impact contemporary military museum through a number of phases.
  The vision forms the basis of a bid submitted to the Heritage Lottery
  Fund in June 2004.
  The Museum is seeking to appoint an Exhibition Designer to develop the
  concepts prepared as part of the application and to support the project
  team in the delivery of the works necessary to install the exhibitions.
  This phase will deliver a new exhibition hall of c 5000m2 and arena for
  tank demonstrations and mock battles (New Display Hall and Arena) for
  displaying the collection and will deliver new displays within the
  existing facilities (The Discovery Centre) to tell the story of the tank
  and armoured warfare as well as the present and future roles of armoured
  warfare in the 21st century.
  VI.5)  Date of dispatch of this notice: 27.8.2004.
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